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Engaging a business coach has been embraced by the corporate world because disciplined, focused coaching pays for itself many times over. It’s evolved to become a powerful tool for aligning individual performance with a company’s strategic plan, by targeting the gap between how employees perform now and their potential for superior performance. Coaching can boost profits by moving people to a higher level of performance, but only when the coach uses the best tools available.

Carlan Consulting is affiliated with TTI Performance Systems, Ltd, the worldwide leader in personal and professional assessment tools.  These tools are deployed in the coaching process with clients to improve employee performance and maximize staff’s personal and professional potential.

We are experts in interpreting data and providing you with results that will make a positive difference in your organization’s strategic planning, team development, and problem solving. Our products are the most comprehensive and business aligned testing instruments on the market. These tools will assist your organization in the following areas:

•    Certification of Companies
•    Job Benchmarking
•    Selection
•    Staff Development
•    Evaluation
•    Strategic Planning
•    Leadership Development
•    Team Building
•    Staff Engagement
•    Keynote Speaking
•    Individual and Corporate Coaching