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Staff Development

Training is essential. While it isn’t the answer to every problem, if neglected there can be expensive consequences. In fact, according to the Society for Human Resource Management, cutting training budgets for short-term gains can have a negative impact on the workforce. This impact can result in a long-term knowledge and skill lag in the market; plus, the organization can lose its competitive edge.

General training topics can provide valuable information. However, development does not have to be related to an employee’s current position. Organizations must ask about plans for the future. A company’s future is full of opportunities for employees if they receive proper preparation. The business must also choose the employees in which to invest their hard-earned profits. The best performers can be determined through observation, certainly. However, tools such as assessments, better hiring techniques, coaching and mentoring can help organizations find key people to support the company’s vision.

Preparing for that vision in terms of succession, promotions, additional responsibilities and organizational growth will have positive and long-lasting effects. Preparation might include development in the form of formal education, off-site programs, cross training, mentoring, self-guided reading, or learning new skills.  Another important aspect is enhancing leadership skills through participation in professional or trade organizations.

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