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DISC Behavioral Assessment

Knowledge of oneself is the biggest modifier of behavior

What is DISC? DISC is the universal language of human behavior or “how we act” and communicate. The DISC assessment does not measure education, experience, values or intelligence. It simply measures an individual’s behavioral design: the dimensions that influence how that person communicates.

The Application of DISC

The DISC assessment is designed to uncover specific aspects of an individual’s true self. A detailed report is immediately generated that reveals the assessment results in a clear, applicable way so it can be used to:

  •     Better understand yourself and others
  •     Create effective communication and increased understanding
  •     Build an efficient work environment

With the knowledge gained from DISC, you can learn to understand and appreciate your behavior style then adapt your style in communication with others. In fact, you can change the golden rule: Rather than treating others as you would want to be treated, you can treat others the way they want to be treated.

How DISC Measures

The DISC assessment accurately measures four dimensions of behavior, each of which is associated with a behavioral style:

How you respond to problems or challenges ⇒ Dominance

How you influence others to your point of view ⇒ Influence

How you respond to the pace of the environment ⇒ Steadiness

How you respond to rules and procedures ⇒ Compliance

The results of the DISC assessment, the most valid in the market place, reveal an individual’s high and low placement in each of the four dimensions of their behavioral style. And the ultimate result is great personal insight.

With the added value of a certified professional behavior analyst, our reports help people understand how to effectively communicate and understand behavior in certain situations. Years of straightforward application and testing of every aspect has proven this to be the behavioral instrument you can trust for authenticity and reliability.

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How well we communicate is determined not by how well we say things, but how well we are understood. ~ Andrew Grove