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Have you ever hired someone who didn’t meet your expectations?

Carlan Consulting, offering more than 100 validated assessments, is highly equipped to handle any talent management issue that develops within your organization.  These research-based tools – available online – include job benchmarking/matching, sales skills, recruitment and retention, personal motivation and engagement, career acumen, behavioral design, emotional quotient, and many, many more. Our battery of available assessments – available to you for hiring, motivating and retaining your BEST employees – is at work in many Fortune 500 companies in 90 countries in 40 languages.

A detailed report reveals the assessment results in a clear, applicable way so that people:

  • Better understand themselves and others
  • Create effective communication and increased understanding
  • Build an efficient work environment

The assessment and its accompanying report provide a much clearer picture of both the individual and the job, including behaviors, motivators and personal skills.

The tools also can be used to generate a number of reports with a specific focus to meet precise needs. Choices like this make the reports appropriate for every situation and are conveniently available for on-line delivery. In addition, we offer additional products and processes that support the effective use of assessments in the workplace.