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Our Collective Mind

Our Collective Mind, a division of Carlan Consulting, is an interactive community. Its purpose is to connect like-minded individuals to me and other great thinkers - and ultimately each other - in order to network, problem-solve, inspire, and ultimately achieve great life success in health, wealth, and happiness.

It’s called Our Collective Mind because when we put minds together, we can achieve more than with our thoughts alone. This philosophy was formally introduced by the great author and entrepreneur Napoleon Hill in his timeless classic, "Think And Grow Rich" (though he called it a "mastermind" alliance).

Our Collective Mind enables people to communicate with hundreds of others who are seeking information and support in order to enrich their life. Some might be trying to lose weight, while others are looking for advice on starting a business, or they might be searching for solutions to family problems. Together, with the help of featured experts on health, wealth, and happiness, we’ll motivate each other, improve our lives, overcome problems, and achieve.

Become a member of our community today and begin to take part in the many benefits of being connected directly to me - and, through this connection, with others who want to reap the benefits of a collective mind. Together we'll do our part to grow and develop more great leaders along the way. What a difference we can make - by adding value to others through our collective collaboration.

Collateral Benefits from Membership in Our Collective Mind

  • Your own personal Motivators and Behaviors Professional Development Binder (value $120, limited time only)
  • Motivators & Behaviors General Assessment Tool and 1.5 hour group debrief (value $500)
  • Monthly email information focused on developing the five skills
  • 50% off any Motivators and Behaviors Assessment tools for your continued development
  • FREE Think and Grow Rich class participation with your guest of choice (does not include materials)
  • Monthly opportunity to participate in a webinar (three time choices available) to further develop your professional plan
  • Discounted price on any of the Carlan Consulting classes held during membership tenure
  • Special seating at special events held by Carlan Consulting
  • A class on John Maxwell's Five Levels of Leadership - FREE (does not include materials)
  • A discounted hourly fee for one individual coaching session with Carol Carlan
  • A discounted fee for the following seminars:

                   Dynamic Communication That Makes the Difference
                   Your Attitude Is Showing
                   EQ in the Workplace

You receive all the above for an annual fee of $150.
Plus, you can earn $10 for every Our Collective Mind membership you sell!

Join the Movement!


To become a part of the Our Collective Mind community and begin enjoying its many advantages, register online now. An annual membership costs just $150.00, which breaks down to $12.50 a month for collaboration, connection, and continuous growth with great thinkers.

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Nationally known author and investment guru, Charles Carlson, is a frequent presenter at Our Collective Mind meetings.