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In the interests of accountability, evaluation and measurement should be conducted throughout the organization. Areas such as ethics, communication systems, customer service, personality, jobs, objectives, and standards should be evaluated on a regular basis. Further, there’s one component common to all these areas, which can directly affect organizational results: staff performance.

Many companies give employee performance reviews annually. Others may even utilize any number of 360 assessments on the market. Some evaluations may be tied to departmental objectives or managerial agendas. The question to ask is, “Are these endeavors true performance systems?” The answer is, “No.”

A true performance system is continuous. In other words, it’s ongoing and never stops setting goals and objectives. In addition, it must be tied to the organization’s strategic goals because then and only then can an organization gain a competitive advantage. This is the “magic” that makes the employees’ contribution explicit, focused and effective for organizational growth and profit.

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