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Dear Carol,
Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your "Think and Grow Rich". I am all fired up to take on the rest of my life. I've had a new inspiration since class last week that I am very excited about, so now I have two projects on my plate that I want to bring to fruition. Without your generosity, I would not have been exposed to this material that I know will change my future. Thanks again and God bless! D.M.

Thank you so much for the five-week Think and Grow Rich class.  It really is amazing what can happen when a group of like-minded and driven people get together.  J.F.

“I just want to thank Carol Carlan and the entire team for all your efforts with our company this year.  Carol has made a profound impact on not only myself but also the entire company. She is extremely motivating, and a brilliant mentor.  She has been a huge facilitator in helping me find the vision of the company and in helping us grow both in our professional and personal lives.  Her work is outstanding and we truly have been impacted a great deal in all her efforts.  She is very personal in all her hard work and that helps to make the entire journey with her a pleasant one.  She always goes above and beyond with each of us.  She has a great energy, which helps to make her consulting efforts more than what we ever expected when we started. Carol continues to challenge the entire staff at McMahon & Hadder Insurance through classes, seminars, “Our Collective Mind”, sales meetings and our one-on-one mentor program.  I would highly recommend Carol Carlan to anyone that crossed my path.”  – President, Insurance Company

Hello Hope. Thank you and Carol for the awesome [Talent Insights Behaviors and Motivators  assessment] reports you have provided and supported for our SHRM group in Dothan!  This has been the highlight for our area HR managers and we certainly appreciate you and the great work you do! - Branch Manager, Manpower

“Carol Carlan was the key note instructor for the tax collector’s annual inservice training.  Ms. Carlan presented Focus and How It Affects Your Day, Purposeful Living, and Your Financial Blueprint.  These programs challenged my employees to reach for more in their business lives as well as their personal lives. The demographics of my staff are diverse, and the professional, yet personable, message of each session resonated with each employee.  For many, this day with Ms. Carlan inspired a fresh start in their lives.  They have been encouraged to grow and continue their participation in future program opportunities.  Through her training and leadership, Ms. Carlan is a catalyst for a community of successful, vibrant, and involved citizens.” – Tax Collector

"Carol Carlan's 'Think and Grow Rich' class came into my life at a very difficult time. My father had passed away only 2 months prior, I was working very hard, 50 plus hours a week, at a job that was not working out despite my best efforts, and my financial outlook was grim.  By the time the class ended, I had left a job that made me miserable, my relationship with my family and friends had began to improve, and my outlook on the world changed significantly.  Additionally, my fiancé and I were able to move out of a cramped 800 sq. ft apartment into a large 1700 square foot home in a wonderful neighborhood. My health has also improved, with my stress levels significantly reduced.  I highly recommend this class to those who desire change and are willing to believe that it can happen." — A.G., Pensacola

“My energy and zest for life have been re-energized through the Our Collective mind “Think and Grow Rich” class! Our Collective Mind is the figurative ‘shot in the arm’ that I needed. The concepts Carol Carlan taught us are truly powerful. I now realize what a great impact our thought processes have on everything from our health to success in the world of business. I am putting that knowledge to work in my life, and it is making all the difference.” — Angela Walker, Ed. D., Educational Consultant

“Our Collective Mind has impacted my life in many, many amazing ways, and it will literally change your life, too. It opens your mind to explore all the possibilities, and then it teaches you the tools necessary to achieve your dreams. And here's the best part: You have those tools already available to you. The class teaches you how to implement and utilize those tools, and you could not ask for a better teacher than Carol Carlan." —
Patricia Anderson-Colip, Pensacola News Journal

“Many times in the past years I have attended seminars, bought books and training CD's to teach me how to handle my business, personal life and investing for myself and my family's future. Most of the information I have collected over the year is collecting dust, and it didn’t give me the knowledge or desire. By attending Carol Carlan’s class, I now have the mindset to know that I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to.” —
TJ Clayton, Owner, Captured Moments Art Photography

“Carol Carlan’s Our Collective Mind experience took us on an adventure that challenged our state of minds. The results have been positive and powerful! If you want to increase your potential and determine your desires and passions, this study will help you develop the necessary principals we possess for success.” —
Darlene Hammond, Owner/Realtor, Darlene Hammond Real Estate

“Think and Grow Rich was thoughtfully penned in the 1930s but remains relative in today’s economic turmoil. I was first introduced to TGR, at a point I had lost all hope. As I work through my second read, my perspective has done a 180, and I see things so much differently, which in turn puts a positive spin on all aspects of life! I’m learning to use my imagination again!”—
Deb Kuhr, RN, MS

“This course was an awesome, invaluable experience. I would have loved to learn these lessons in high school. If you follow the principles in the teachings, you can be a success in whatever you undertake. As a result of this course, I am now approaching projects differently that will increase the likelihood of me being successful.” —
Mike Oleksyk, MD, Professor, Florida State School of Medicine

“Carol Carlan’s seminar was very enlightening, and I enjoyed it so much. It definitely pointed out some errors I have been making in my personal goal setting techniques, and I look forward to implementing many of the new things I learned in my personal and work lives.” —
Ashley Spikes, Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce

“Carol Carlan and Paul Martinelli do a fabulous job, and I was intrigued and excited at the opportunity to be better in much of what I do, say, and think! I’m still looking over my notes and the handouts for some reflection. I don’t believe I have ever felt time go so quickly.”—
Natalie Prim, Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce

“Your seminar was fantastic. One of my key takeaways was the part where you talk about getting ready in the morning and what you are “trading your life for.” When you take a step back, and realize that every breath you take is not coming back to you, every minute you waste is just time-wasted, it really makes you re-evaluate the way your spending time.” —
Sunny Ricks, O'Sullivan Creel, LLP

“Since listening to the seminar, presented by Carol Carlan with Paul Martinelli, I have stepped out of my comfort zone more than ever. When I went to the seminar I had a lot of goals and dreams. One of my goals has been to buy a house. I have been saying I want to buy a house for about 6 months now, and I had not taken one step into the direction of accomplishing this. After the Beyond the Secret seminar I had enough courage to call the bank and see what steps I needed to take to get a loan. I enjoyed the seminar so much and have passed the information on to so many people I know. I apply what I learned in my everyday life and can’t wait to see where this new outlook on life takes me!” —
Katie Bowles, Sacred Heart Health System

“I highly recommend Carol Carlan and Paul Martinelli’s “Beyond the Secret” seminar to all who feel they have lost their way and are searching for purpose in their lives. I realized that I was the one allowing myself to be held back by my own thoughts, fear, and self-doubt. It is up to me to step out of that comfort zone and move on! As for me, one area changed in my life: Returning to college. I am happy to say, I stopped procrastinating, enrolled and will start my first class in October. It’s a great feeling! Thanks!” —
Debra "Debb" Alonso, Sacred Heart Health System